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[REAL] Nelk Boys Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Age, Bio



Nelk Boys Net Worth

Nelk Boys Net Worth 2022:

$5 Million

Nelk Boys Age:


What Is Nelk Boys’s Net Worth?

Nelk Boys Net Worth: As of 2022, Nelk Boys is one of the most popular YouTube channels and entertainment companies, with a (combined) net worth of $5 million US. Over the last five years, the Nelk Boys have amassed a massive following that no other prank channel has ever matched. This Canadian entertainment company was founded in 2010, and the Boys rose to fame by uploading their prank videos and vlogs to their collaborative YouTube channel NELK.

The entertainment company began as a typical prank channel with videos such as coke prank on cops, but the channel has since evolved into a hugely popular brand. Nelk would become a household name in the media and business worlds. The founders of the group Nelk are ylе Fоrеgеаrd, ее еbаtаn, and Luса Gараrn, and they launched a Mercan video production company in 2011 and began working on YouTube.

The Boys also started their Full Send Podcast, which has helped them grow into much more than a typical prank channel. They’re also getting interviews from people like Jimmy Gambles and his late-night show. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the total net worth of the Nelk Boys, their salaries, income sources, biographies, lifestyles, and how they began their careers.

Nelk Boys Early Life and Bio Overview

Kyle Forgeard founded the Nelk Boys YouTube channel on July 6, 2010, along with three partners: Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Niko. Kyle first met Jesse Sebastiani, a YouTuber who was running his self-published documentary Saved by the Status, after working together for more than four years.

The previous group members Niko and Marko (known as аrtinоvс twn) left the group in 2015, so Jesse Sebastiani and Luса Gараrn joined this entertainment company right away.

Kуlе Fоrеgеаrd is a well-known Canadian content creator who rose to prominence as the co-founder of the entertainment company NELK. Kyle was born on July 12, 1994 in Mississauga, Ontario to Rick and Gayle. He was always interested in having fun and spending time with his best friend during his college days as he grew up. Kyle has also appeared in films such as асk Vаlе Flm and ntеrnеt соn. Shortly after graduation, he decided to pursue fun as a career and established the company NL.

Luса Gараrn, the group’s second member, was born on November 30, 1995, in Greаtеr udburу, аnаdа. He, like his other partner Kyle, was looking to have a good time. While at school, he began playing practical jokes with his friends.

Jesse Sebastiani rose to prominence as a member of the prank trio NL, and he is also a Canadian-based actor, social media personality, and YouTube star. Sebastiani was born on June 27, 1993, in rаngеvllе, ntаrо, Canada. He assisted the NELK in reaching new heights of success by making people laugh.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

Nelk Boys Net Worth and Career

The NELK Boys’ career took a turn in January 2015, when they uploaded a video titled Coke Prank on Cops. They rose to prominence after convincing officers in a video that they had cocaine in the trunk of their car. Cops mistook the coke for cocaine, but they were told to say Coca-Cola.

The prank video quickly went viral, amassing more than 48 million views on YouTube as of today, becoming the channel’s second most viewed video. They later got into trouble when the Los Angeles Police Department warned them by dropping a notice informing the public that the prank was illegal.

Kyle, Luсаs, and Jesse were gaining popularity on social media in May 2019, and Kyle then added another partner named Stephen Deleonardis to the group. Kyle wanted to make his group one of the top brands, so he was impressed by Stephen Deleonardis’ smoking and drinking challenge and prank videos, which led to his inclusion in the team. Every year, the group grew, and in February 2020, two more members, Salim Sirur and his cousin Jay, joined the Nelk.


NELK was involved in another controversy and trouble in September 2020 when they hosted a flash mob on campus at the University of Illinois State during the COVID-19. The Police Department began their investigation into Nelk because of the large crowd, which violated COVID-19 regulations. Their YouTube channel was demonetized by YouTube at the time, and they were in a lot of trouble.

The team was later seen at a New Jersey house where they had gathered nearly 1500 people, and the house was rented by NELK. The cops in Seaside Heights couth them and broke up the gathering; as a result, the landlord kicked the Nelk boys out of the place, and 8 fans were arrested.

Business Empire:

Like other YouTubers, their primary source of income, particularly between 2014 and 2015, was Google Adsense. They were earning around $60,000 per year, or $5,000 per month at the time. However, their pranks went beyond what YouTube would like to associate itself with, especially since they pulled a prank at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, which combined with the Adpocalypse that occurred in 2017.

YouTube began to disable monetization for channels that advertisers found objectionable. They implemented new policies on the platform, and as of now, NELK was one of the first to be affected, with their AdSense completely removed.

After gaining massive popularity, the team decided to launch their clothing line, Full Send, which was a huge success. Jesse and Kyle saw the massive success of their first drop and began to make seasonal and/or monthly merch drops, which always sold out within days, if not hours. Their one-time designs made their clothing line exclusive and scarce.

Mike Majlak, a close friend of the NELK Boys and a business associate or co-host for Laugan Paul, revealed that the NELK Boys earned close to $4 million per drop, totaling approximately $48 million per year. The group was also able to expand its brand recognition on platforms other than YouTube. They created several Instagram pages with the name of their brand and amassed over 25 million followers in total.

The team revealed in November 2020 that they hired John Shahidi as Inc.’s President of Full Send Entertainment and Nelk. Jesse Sebastiani had left the team in 2017, but he rejoined it in 2021. He wasn’t in any of Nelk’s main videos, but he was working on prank videos.

Podcast and Happy Dad:

Kyle decided to launch his podcast with his best friend Bob Menery in 2021, and it now appears to be their primary platform for reaching a new audience, as well as potential clients and growing their brand. These podcast videos frequently go viral because they feature big celebrities like Lil Durk, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and others.

The Full Send Podcast is either not monetized by YouTube or has chosen not to run advertisements against their content, but they still upload their podcast to Spotify and Apple Music.

Moving on from their podcast, they will launch their hard seltzer Happy Dad on May 31, 2021. The Happy Dad first appeared in a few California stores in June, and within two weeks, these same stores were requesting a restock. The group has since expanded to multiple states, and this could eventually grow into a multimillion-dollar empire for the brand.

Nelk Boys Twitter and Instagram

Nelk Boys Net Worth

Nelk Boys Net Worth is estimated to be around $5 million US in 2022. They are on the list of the world’s top content creators. Their YouTube channels, podcasts, clothing lines, and hard seltzer are all successful. Happy Dad made them extremely wealthy, and this is also the main source of their revenue.

The Full Send Club has approximately 50k members, each of whom pays $20 per month, equating to $1 million per month and $12 million for the year. There is also a Full Sned METACARD NFT, which is said to have earned up to $25 million after its launch.

NELK Boys are building a business empire, and in five years, no one will remember them as just another YouTube prankster. They are role models for all aspiring content creators on how to build a massive influence and then convert that into real-world money makers. They are extremely wealthy due to their numerous verticals. Nelk Boys’ Net Worth has steadily increased in recent years.

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