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[REAL]Tim Pool Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Age, Bio



Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool Net Worth 2022:

$3 Million

Tim Pool Age:


What Is Tim Pool’s Net Worth?

Pool, Tim Tim Pool has a net worth of $3 million US as of 2022 as an American YouTuber, journalist, political commentator, and podcast host. He first gained attention in 2011 when he began a live stream of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Tim Pool worked for well-known media companies such as Vice Media between 2013 and 2014 before joining Fusion TV.

Pool later rose to prominence on social media after establishing his YouTube channels, where he amassed millions of subscribers. Tim’s main self-titled YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers. In addition, he has a second YouTube channel called Timcast IRL, which was founded in 2016 by Tim Pool.

His one-of-a-kind content helped him gain over 1.3 million subscribers. He is regarded as one of the top internet journalists and serves as an inspiration to millions of his followers. So today we will discuss Tim Pool’s total net worth, his salary, income sources, career, biography, luxurious lifestyle, and much more.

Tim Pool Early Life and Bio Overview

Net Worth$3 Million
Annual Salary$500,000
Full NameTimothy Daniel Pool
Birth Date / AgeMarch 9, 1986
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois,
United States
Source of WealthYouTuber, Podcaster
Relationship StatusSingle
Height5 ft 10 in (179 cm)

Tim Pool was born on March 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois. According to reports, he grew up in Chicago’s southern neighborhoods in a middle-class family. His father, Daniel, was a firefighter, and his mother, Timothy Daniel Pool, was a car salesperson.

Tim also has three non-publicly known siblings. He attended Catholic school until the fifth grade, when he dropped out at the age of 14. Tim didn’t continue his education because he wanted to be an entertainer. Furthermore, he has not revealed any information about his early life or family. Tim is of Korean ancestry.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool Net Worth and Career

Journalism Career:

Tim Pool began his career in journalism after taking his first job. In 2011, he began live streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests, which marked a watershed moment in his career. After footage of the protest was shown on several mainstream platforms, including NBC, he quickly gained attention.

Initially, he used live streaming videos and aerial drones to capture the Wall Street Protest. As a result, The Guardian published an article emphasizing that these movements can take the form of resistance to surveillance. Tim Pool was assaulted in 2012 by an unknown perpetrator.

The protest served as ample evidence of the photographer’s release; his video was recorded, and Alexander Arbuckle was later arrested by the NYPD. Tim Pool was named to Time’s list of people who matter in 2011 as a result of his live stream, which received over 250k views.

Furthermore, Tim has achieved mainstream success and has been featured on numerous popular media platforms such as The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, Reuters, and The New York Times. Pool then co-founded Subverse, a news agency that raised over a million dollars in less than 24 hours, in 2019. He used the crowdfunding method to generate that much money.

Tim Pool has also covered various protests, including the NoNato protests in Chicago in 2012, where he almost ended up in jail. The following year, he started working for VICE Media, where he covered the 2013 protests in Ukraine and Istanbul.

Pool relocated to Sweden in 2017 to investigate the migrant Suburbs. He was able to amass a sizable sum through crowdfunding, and he was compensated for his lodging and travel expenses in Malmo by well-known photographer Paul Joseph Watson.

YouTube Career:

Tim Pool, in addition to being a successful journalist, has amassed a large fan base on his YouTube channels. He successfully runs seven YouTube channels, including two political commentary channels, Timcast and Tim Pool. Timcast IRL, his third channel, serves as a clip channel for Pool’s podcast.

Tim Pool’s fourth YouTube channel, Cast Castle, features personal vlogs. He has nearly 4 million subscribers across all of his YouTube channels. In addition, Tim assisted in the launch of a mobile application called in 2014, where he stated that users can retain copyright by watermarking images. He won the Shorty Award for “Best Journalist in Social Media” in 2013.

Tim Pool Twitter and Instagram

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Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool’s net worth is expected to be around $3 million in 2022. He is one of the country’s most promising young journalists and content creators, having achieved so much success at such a young age. Tim is best known for his two YouTube channels, where he posts political commentary videos. Most of his videos have millions of views, so he makes a good living off of them.

His primary source of income is from YouTube channels, where he earns between $3 and $7 per 1000 video views. Tim Pool is only at the beginning of his career, but it appears that he will join the ranks of some well-known podcasters in the near future. Aside from YouTube channels, he has gained much recognition in other ventures such as product sponsorship and his successful career as a journalist, for which he earns a lot of money. Tom Pool’s annual income is approximately $500,000, and his net worth grows year after year.

Tim Pool News

Tim Pool complains about The Onion article that notes that mass shootings only occur regularly in the U.S.