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[REAL]Zach King Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Age, Bio



Zach King Net Worth

Zach King Net Worth 2022:

$2 Million

Zach King Age:


What Is Zach King’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Zach King’s net worth is anticipated to be around $5 million USD. He is a YouTuber, Vine star, and social media influencer from the United States. Zach King is best known for his millions of TikTok followers who eagerly await his new videos. He became well-known for creating “magic vines,” six-second videos that have been digitally altered to make it appear as though the subject is performing magic.

Now Zach King is a household name on the internet, especially among young people. He gained millions of followers as a result of the majority of his Vine videos going viral. Zach’s original content has made him incredibly popular, and viewers from all over the world have watched his videos.

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On Instagram, he has almost 25 million followers, and on TikTok, he has over 66 million. You can find all the information you need about Zach King’s net worth, assets, earnings, affiliations with different brands, opulent lifestyle, career, biography, and other noteworthy facts here.

Zach King Early Life and Bio Overview

Net Worth$5 Million
Annual Salary$450,000 +
Full NameZachary Michael King
Birth Date / Age4 February 1990
Birth PlacePortland, Oregon, United States
Source of WealthInternet Celebrity, YouTuber
Relationship StatusMarried
Height6 ft (183 cm)

On February 4, 1990, Zachary Michael King was born in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. On his mother’s side, he is half Nicaraguan and half Austrian, and on his father’s, he is half Chinese. Along with his three sisters, one of whom was adopted, Zack was homeschooled by his mother. He received a degree in Cinema and Media Arts from Biola University in December 2012.

At age 7, Zach began to develop his interests and create videos. When Zach was 14 years old, he began to take his passion more seriously and invested in equipment for making videos, including cameras, a tripod, a Mac, and a computer.

In 2016, Zach King and Rachel King were still residing in the Rossmoor neighborhood. Liam Michael King, the couple’s first child, was born on July 4th, 2018, to King and Rachel. In addition to having an adopted child and a biological son, the couple has also raised a few other kids.

Zach King Net Worth

Zach King Net Worth and Career

In 2008, Zach started his career by establishing his own website, King offered tutorials and advice for using the editing program “Final Cut Pro” online. At the time, his website was one of the few on the Internet that provided tutorials for editing software. Then King signed up for YouTube and began posting filmmaking tutorials.

He quickly attracted a sizable audience to his website and made the decision to sell seminars, using the proceeds to cover his college tuition. After becoming well-known, King took part in an episode of the Syfy television program Viral Video Showdown.  g with his college friends. He launched his YouTube channel, “FinalCutKing,” on January 16, 2009, and later posted his first video, “Jedi Kittens,” along with his college friends.

That video, which featured two cats using lightsabers to fight each other, became popular after receiving more than 32 million views. The follow-up to that video, which he later posted, also attracted over 30 million views.

According to YouTube, Zach King was one of the top 25 most promising young American filmmakers in 2013. He began posting Vines that same year and within a month had a sizable fan base.

Along with his wife Rachel, King competed in the 28th season of the reality game show “The Amazing Race” in February 2016, but they were eventually booted off the program.

King began uploading videos to TikTok in 2016, and as of today, he has more than 66 million followers, making him the fifth most popular user on the app.

In addition, he won the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and visited the London Film Festival in 2010. In spite of this, he debuted on a TV program in 2014 called Zinor Layla and made his acting debut by singing in the film “Zootopia.” Zach King most recently took part in the Mrbeast Creator Games 3, where he finished second and won $1 million.


One of the best content producers in the world, Zach King has promoted a number of companies, including McDonald’s, Shoe Carnival, LG, McCafé, Kings Brioche, and many more.


Let’s look closely at the expensive cars and properties that Zack King owns. He is the owner of a lavish home in one of the most picturesque cities in the world, Los Angeles. The opulent home, which cost about $3.25 million, has a large garden with a pool and many other features.

Zach King Twitter and Instagram

Last year I won 1,000,000 from @MrBeast in a game of hide and seek (i know, can’t believe that’s a real sentence either). I had the pleasure of giving away 850k earlier this year to fans and charities and I’ve just finished giving away the remaining 150k.

I’m making my biggest video ever thanks to @grubhub! Use code ZACH for $5 off your next order and the chance to win a TON of merch, signed by me!

Who’s hungry? Go use the code! #ad


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Zach King’s Net Worth

Zach King’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2022. He is one of the best content producers in the country and worked hard to establish his reputation. The first thing we think of after witnessing such excitement is, “What are our sources of income for Zach King?”

He has more than 12 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, which provides the majority of his income. He became a millionaire thanks to his distinctive content, and every year, his net worth grows.

Zach King earns more than $450,000 a year. Additionally, he is profiting handsomely from the numerous sponsorships, commercials, and brand promotions. Millions of people who want to succeed on YouTube look up to Zach as an example.

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